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Hello and welcome to my photo blog. I am Karen McKinnon, a Vancouver Island based photographer - a gal fortunate to be living my passion. The blog is where you can see recent sessions, keep in touch with what is new around here (and I promise you it is never dull) and get a better sense of who I am, what I love and how I show it. 

Thanks for visiting. Please leave a comment and let me know you were here - it really does make me smile! 

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It's an interesting time of year for McKinnon Photography - I don't mean interesting with any sarcasm, I mean interesting as in never boring, intriguing and thought provoking.

We have tons of different categories happening. I am currently still working on creating albums for my 2010 wedding couples, while I am actively booking 2011 weddings. I am preparing print orders for portrait clients, while squeezing in as many outdoor fall leaf sessions while the weather is still co-operating. We are booked with commercial clients updating their business image and we are in planning mode for some goodness we have in store for 2011.

Meanwhile I am working on wrapping up some volunteer work for Y.A.N.A and putting heart into the Love for Jenn fundraiser and of course a few other projects....

I am also trying to answer some bigger questions, travel opportunities are coming my way more often and I am working to figure out how much time I can travel and still be a balanced mama who has time to take care of herself, which includes the ever-imporant Roller Derby practice with my lovely teamates at the Dodge City Rollers.

On a personal note, I am getting accustom to being a part-time single parent, as John has a job that has him away 50% of the time. I have to say, in general, it is working fairly well. I have just become a highly scheduled person who makes great use of a crock pot.

So, there's the roundup. I have been so busy posting portraits I realize that I haven't had much space on the blog for my Love List or more personal notes.

and, because I know you were really wondering how cute my dog is -



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Pictures of Utah being cute make me really happy, and at the same time make me miss you!!

(10.22.10 @ 09:12 AM)
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If you live in the Comox Valley and are on Facebook you have probably heard people buzzing about the Love for Jenn movement.

and you have probably visited Jenn's Blog (if you haven't it's a MUST read - but be prepared for some serious inspiration.)

Jen, Dave and Coady popped in to the studio last Saturday:



At the age of 28, Jenn was diagnosed with breast cancer, she fought like a rock star and kicked it. It recently metastasized to her lymphatic system. Currently there is no chemotherapy designed for the type of cancer that she has, so Jenn is seeking alternative cancer treatments.
These treatments are costly and require travel outside of the Comox Valley.

When the idea for a fund-raiser was formed we knew it would be great. But did we know that every-time we would talk about it we would get goosebumps? Seriously, the support this community offers is beyond goodness..

It's going to be a great event, with amazing auction items.
Tickets will be available tomorrow (Saturday the 9th) at Green Room and at The Freakin' Coffeeshop bright and early Tuesday morning. We imagine it will sell out quickly!


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Jenn Zahavich:

Whooooo loves Karen? I do!!!!!!

(10.08.10 @ 02:28 PM)
Melanie P:

Tickets are ready! They will be available tomorrow (Saturday the 9th) at Green Room and at The Freakin' Coffeeshop bright and early Tuesday morning. Gobble, gobble!
Beautiful photos of beautiful people!

(10.08.10 @ 03:00 PM)

beautiful photos .... love is all around you xo

(10.08.10 @ 07:31 PM)

whoooooo loves this UBER cute family? Me!! The pictures are awesome sauce.

(10.08.10 @ 10:29 PM)

cannot wait for this evening, so excited! And Jenn, Dave, and Coady, really, could you be ANY more adorable?! Love you guys!

(10.09.10 @ 05:52 PM)
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The flu has hit me. Have you heard of the flu? I think I had it once before, and I hear of people having it. These people, I now feel great sympathy and confusion when I think of them. I hear some of them get it often - how do they cope? What do they do with their day? How much chap-stick do they use? Are they nice to their family? Do they give in to the strong cravings for creamy chocolate things, or do they stick to the healthy foods that supposedly help?

I have so many questions. It is a bit overwhelming. 

I was supposed to go away for a few days, but in an act, contrary to what I usually would do, and with the guidance of my big sisters, I stayed home and lay in bed, watched Mad Men and flirted with John (well, I think it is flirting when you smile cutely and whine for more tea.)  My hair is really bad and I am still in my pj's, my shirt is stained and I have mismatched socks, one of which is the color of the red under my nose - that is the look I intend to sport all day - it's sexy, I wish you could all see it - well not really.

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Karen, I'm sorry you feel so awful. Give into the cravings!!!
We received your package today. Justin LOVES the book, as do I! Even though you are a snotty nosed mess right now, you are an amazing woman and an AWESOME photographer!!!
Lots of love,

(09.27.10 @ 11:11 AM)
Vanessa Falle:

awww...you poor thing. it sucks to be you today... but look at the bright side, if you weren't home suffering thru a sick day, we wouldn't have had our lovely phone call which I , for one, really enjoyed. It was like the old days, doncha think?

(09.27.10 @ 11:12 AM)

so, should i call in sick in anticipation of getting what you have?? ;)

(09.27.10 @ 02:31 PM)
Karen M:

Dhea, Cake eaten

Chrissy - nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

(09.27.10 @ 07:02 PM)

sleep, read, endulge in tv and movies, drink lots of fluids, sleep some more, use at least one entire tube of chapstick (underneath nose too), don't be nice if you don't feel like it, eat whatever makes you feel good (+ vitamins) and sleep some more. Get well soon. xoxo

(09.27.10 @ 07:45 PM)
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September 23, 2010 // my life / news
You wake up, you feel fuelled by a creative urge, the quiet in the house is affirming - time to get to work.

I am off to a rocket start, and then my throat starts to hurt. Lame.

Then I get this.

Please take a minute to read it: Baby Will You Love Me When I Am Bald


Jenn is a friend of mine who is taking on cancer for her second time.

Join the Love for Jenn facebook page and help us help her. It's easy.

Today I am reminded of one of my mantras

life is fluid, not linear, it isn't about you

more and more, as I live outside of myself I know and like myself better, I am more grounded.

Today, look around. 
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Thanks for the lovely words of wisdom and perspective...and thanks for the shout-out, Karen. Love for Jenn is EXPLODING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

(09.23.10 @ 04:30 PM)

Sending many warm wishes to Jenn! What a brave woman - it's inspirational.

(09.24.10 @ 11:25 AM)
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Today wasn't the day I expected, but that's okay.

Okay, wait a minute - let's keep it real.

Today wasn't the day I expected, really, today was crappy - (sorry for the lack of linguistic elegance, I gave it some thought and this really is the best word to describe my day.)

It was a total bummer and if you asked me a hour ago I could have easily sucked you into pouting it out with me.

Now I have comfort cauliflower soup on the stove, and I plan to add lots of high fat cheese to it.

I snuck away from the family to do a little editing,because there was no flippin way this day was going to be crappy and unproductive.

So, while I was editing. I saw this. I will admit, I smiled a bit, I even felt the lower lip recede.


Then I logged into my blog and saw these two comments from Jess, whose wedding I recently blogged. Jess, is usually busy off flying a plane and the fact she made time for this was incredibly sweet and set me in a place where I could gain some perspective on the day.

Thanks for throwing a curve ball in my determination to pout today Jessica. Sending you a HUGE hug.

From Jess:


Dear Karen
When I look at your photo's it brings a smile to my face and my heart. Your photos are true art.
It is such a grand gift for Loren & me, to have our wedding day captured with your pieces of art.
Your photos reflect and show our personalities, love and the joy of that day.
From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you for everything that you have done for us on that day and the months leading up to the wedding.
All the best in your days ahead  Jessica   (09.12.10 @ 09:20 PM)


To Future Brides & Grooms

It was a pleasure to have Karen photograph my wedding. Not only are Karen's photos worth every penny. But on the big day she was very calming to be around and extremely professional, all while having a fantastic sense of humour. With Karen as your photographer you can feel confident in knowing that even if it rained on your wedding day you would have fantastic pictures. She captures all the right moments with photos that speak for themselves. Karen goes above and beyond on your wedding day. If you have the lucky chance to have her photograph your wedding you will be left with a gift that will allow you to remember the day married your true love in the best possible way. I highly suggest her!

Jessica  (09.12.10 @ 09:42 PM)

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Kind of makes me smile a bit and makes me want to see more!! Hope you're enjoy your cauliflower soup :)

(09.13.10 @ 08:19 PM)

Oh, Jess! We love you more every day! Thanks for putting a smile on my pal's face, we are so glad you loved working with us. Congratulations again on a lovely wedding!

(09.13.10 @ 09:13 PM)
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